IBM Let’s Put Smart To Work, narrated by Emma Darwall Smith and Produced by @ Voytek Ltd


Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Sir Lora & Quercus Trailer, narrated by Glen McCready. Made by Larian Studios.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Gameplay Overview Trailer, narrated by Andy Mace. Made by Larian Studios.

Glen McCready's animation reel.

Glen McCready's gaming reel.


Howard Corlett narrating the short film “The Last Words” for Channel 4’s Random Acts Short Films Series.

Harriet Collings voicing for Echo Falls sponsorship of Love Island 2018.

Patrick Moy voicing Pickles for BBC's animation series Footy Pups.


Harriet Kershaw voicing Ellie Phillips in Fireman Sam.

Harriet Kershaw voicing Bella Lasagne in Fireman Sam.

Tania Rodrigues' narration of a documentary for the charity Education Explorers. (November 23rd 2017).

Vegan 2017 - The Film, narrated by Gregg Lowe. (November 28th 2017).

The Voice Agency's Tim Howar singing his heart out alongside Andrew Roachford and Luke Juby. (October 3rd 2017).

Starring The Voice Agency's Clare-Louise Connolly as Regan in the Exorcist Live. (September 15th 2017).

The Voice Agency's Nicky Henson narrates "Every Third Thought". (September 11th 2017).

Narrated by Stefan Booth, the documentary series "Game Changers" for CNBC. (September 13th 2017).

The Voice Agency's Glen McCready's voiceovers.

Strange Brigade PS4 Launch Trailer. (June 7th 2017).

Blackguards 2 Official Trailer. (January 19th 2015).

Robinson: The Journey 2 Trailer. (October 27th 2015).

J K Rowling's Zygmunt Budge 1. (January 3rd 2015).


Major Crum in Wallace and Gromit's Grand Adventures. (May 6th 2009).


The Voice Agency's Greg Lockett voicing another Mentos commercial, this time for "Printed Candies". (August 15th 2017).


The Voice Agency's Michael McKell singing lead on Waterfall. (August 19th 2017).

Clare Louise-Connolly's visual voice reel.


The Voice Agency's Sarah Agha in an interview for Deadly Dialogues. (July 19th 2017). 

Starring and co-written by The Voice Agency's Hariett Collings - "Lost in France" for BBC Radio. (July 6th 2017).

The Voice Agency's Tim Howar singing with Mike and the Mechanics for ARD Morgen Magazine. (July 5th 2017).


Mandy Weston's Presenter Showreel, focusing on archaeology. (June 29th 2017).


The Voice Agency's Stefan Booth and Greg Lockett voiceover for Mentos commercial. (June 5th 2017).


Noma Dumezweni wins an award for her Audible narration of Steeplejack. (May 10th 2017)

Tim Howar from Mike and the Mechanics sings in their new single. (May 17th 2017)

Noma Dumezweni wins best actress in a supporting role for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. (April 10th 2017).


The Voice Agency's Tim Howar on discussing the song writing process for Mike and the Mechanics.

TV commercial for Glasses Direct, voiced by The Voice Agency's Susie Riddell. (March 21st 2017).


Listen to Tim Howar singing for Mike and the Mechanics on BBC. (March 17th 2017). 

A poem by Gemma Stroyan on International Women's Day. (March 8th 2017).


Noma Dumezweni wins best supporting actress in a play. (February 23rd 2017)

'Business in the Community' narrated by Terri Dwyer. (February 21st 2017).



features in the ESMagOfficial Theatre Awards magazine. (November 25th 2016).

The Voice Agency's Susie Riddell has a great storyline in @BBCTheArchers at the moment as "Tracy Horrobin". Catch up here...

The opening of Perfect Remains recorded by Angus King (January 18th 2017).


Gravy for the Brain Interview - 3rd November 2016

How to get a voice agent with Michele Daeche.

The Voice Agency's CJ Johnson's narration for Colonel Blimp.


Susie Riddell's narration of Jane Steele by Lindsay Faye.

Noma Dumezweni's narration of Small Great Things audiobook on audible.

Harriet Kershaw stars in the US Noddy Dreamworks Animation. (October 7th 2016).

Abi Roberts talks Russia, music and comedy on BBC Radio 4. Listen from 1:12:06 onwards.

The Voice Agency's Michael McKell stars in the film "Allied". (October 10th 2016).


Terri Dwyer stars in the YouTube comedy series, "Storyline". (July 22nd 2016).

The Voice Agency's Gregg Lowe narrates for "Swine", the movie. (July 1st 2016).

Liane Rose Bunce does the voiceover for Incognito's commercial. (June 30th 2016).


Shaun Escoffery shares a video of his latest photoshoot. (June 1st 2016).


Angus King's new motion capture showreel. (May 27th 2016).


A corporate read from The Voice Agency's Tania Rodrigues for Skype for Business. (April 7th 2016).


Abi Roberts details her experience of doing shows in Russian, in Moscow. (March 11th 2016).

Starring The Voice Agency's Terri Dwyer in "Hooligan Legacy." (March 4th 2016).


Assassin's Creed Syndicate, featuring The Voice Agency's Gregg Lowe as the villain. (March 2nd 2016).

Ben Whitehead narrates a commercial for IGLU gel. (February 16th 2016).

The Voice Agency's Abi Roberts interviewed by Libby Purves for BBC Radio 4 "Midweek". Abi Roberts is the first UK comedian to perform in Russia, in Russian! (February 11th 2016).

An ethereal voiceover from The Voice Agency's Sarah Pitard for the game "Project Zero - Maiden of Black Water". (February 2nd 2016).