Male Singers

* Denotes a sight-reader.

Alex Bourne

Laid-back, smooth - great swing style.

MARK Dickinson* (18-35)

B-i-g voice, and impressive range. ISDN only.

Shaun Escoffery (25-40)

Rich, husky and soulful, with a voice like honey.

Tim Flavin

True Song & Dance man. Style personified.

Damien Flood*

Soulful songwriter, very commercial voice.

Shimi Goodman*

Young, romantic and stylish.

Chris Hamilton*

Warm & friendly, a lovely, precise voice.

Alex Hanson

Absolutely gorgeous, mature voice.

Tim Hardy - Colour Headshot 2017.jpg

Tim Hardy

Basso profundo. Amazing.

Steven Houghton

Powerful middle range - great balladeer.

Tim Howar*

Rock to classical - all at very high energy.


Fred Johanson

Ravishing, powerful voice, perfect control.

Gerard Logan

Pure, wonderfully natural, charming.

Andy Mace*

Sincerity and versatility, strong and pure.

Michael Mckell

Songwriter, great charm, ballads to rock.

Gary Milner

Gifted actor/singer with an easy style.

Jason Pennycooke

High tenor range, solid soul sounds.

Ben Richards

Warm and true with great clarity.